How to Choose the Right SIP Air Compressor

The decision on the air compressor which you are purchasing is a very important one. You need to ensure the machine you purchase is up to the task in which it is to be used for. An undersized compressor may start the job but it will either fail in use or fail to complete the task at hand.

When choosing your air compressor the first thing to consider is the free air delivery (FAD) output. Simply choose the air tools which you will require the air compressor to power; the air tool will have a CFM rating. This CFM rating must be equal to or higher than the FAD of the compressor in order for them to be compatible. It is good practice to check all air tools to be used with the compressor before making a final decision. Please see our air tool / air compressor compatibility table here.

The second thing to consider is the air receiver size, some tasks and/or air tools require more air supply than others. This air receiver supplies the air to the air tool so needs to be the correct size for the task it’s required for. Certain jobs such as periods of sanding or spraying requires much more air than a short sharp blast of an air gun so this should be reflected when choosing the correct air receiver size.

Other compressor tips;

  • When sanding or spraying ensure the compressor is as far away as possible to prolongue the life of your machine.
  • Compressors should have a maximum of 10 starts per hour.
  • Piston compressors need periods of rest to cool down.