Welding Masks, Welding Gloves, Welding Gauntlets, Welding Aprons

Welding Masks, Welding Gloves, Welding Gauntlets and Welding Aprons

SIP UK provide a large range of welding protection including welding masks, welding aprons, welding gloves and gauntlets to protect you and your staff members when using welding equipment.

Welding Masks

Available in a variety of styles, our welding masks are designed to protect the user as well as offering fantastic light-to-dark adjustment. Available in hands free to allow ease of movement and comfort, we provide welding headshields in both electronic and non-electronic varieties.

Welding Gloves and Gauntlets

Our welding gauntlets are designed to provide safety and comfort for DIY and professional use. Available in a variety of styles including suede leather, we provide welding gloves allowing maximum movement and maximum protection.

Welding Aprons

Designed to protect users from close proximity welding sparks and spatter, our welding aprons offer protection and comfort through a ¾ length suede leather apron.

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