Portable Electric Space Heaters

SIP Fireball Portable Electric Space Heaters

SIP UK a division of stock a large range of portable Electric Heaters and Radiant Heaters including SIP's range of Fireball Space Heaters. If you are looking to quickly heat a space up temporarily, our Fireball Infrared Space Heaters are designed to heat a garage unit and workshop area making them the ideal solution to your short-term heating problems.

These portable electric space heaters are ideal for heating spaces like homes, offices, workshops & garages. Our range varies from turbo fans which are ideal for domestic use such as homes & garages to infrared Space Heaters which are ideal for workshops. The full range is lightweight and portable.

Infra-red Heater Spare Parts

As a leading distributor of electric infra-red heaters and radiant heaters, we also supply a large selection of space heater spare parts.

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