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Service Plan Agreement Terms & Conditions

1. An agreement between SIP Industrial Products Ltd, Gelders Hall Road, Shepshed, Loughborough, Leicestershire LE12 9NH (hereinafter called 'the company') and the purchaser.

2. If service visits reveal that additional parts are needed, other than consumables, official authorisation from the Purchase shall be obtained before going ahead. Any components subsequently fitted shall be invoiced to the purchaser. (If on a CorePremium Package, this clause does not apply although limitations may be imposed.)

3. The Purchaser agrees to give SIP Industrial Products Ltd (the company) reasonable notice when routine servicing is required, and co-operate with us to schedule a convenient time during normal working hours to complete this work (does not apply to CorePremium Package)

4. This agreement does not include for removal and/or cleaning of any internal or external, air or water cooler, pre or after coolers, or for of any cooling water systems.

5. The Purchaser shall not permit any person unauthorised by the Company or untrained by the Purchaser to attempt to adjust or repair the equipment. Training can be arranged if required.

6. If at any time any of the charges or monies payable under the agreement are not paid within thirty days after the same has become overdue, and following written notification of the same, the Company reserves the right to terminate this Agreement forthwith without prejudice; how the Company's right to recover, in full, all payments for the term of this Agreement which were or may have become due or owing by the Purchaser to the company will not be waived.

7. The company reserves the right to alter the Agreement price on each anniversary, having given two months' written notice. Any variances in the amount may be due to any increase of wages and/or costs of materials. Such increases shall not however exceed the percentage increase in the B.E.M.A (British Electro Technical and Allied Manufacturers Association) index between the renewal date and the previous anniversary, unless the Agreement details or equipment operating hours have changed, in which case the Agreement price may change mid-term with the Purchasers agreement.

8. Should at any time repairs costs on a CorePremium Package either equal or exceed the annual Agreement renewal price, any subsequent repair cost would be chargeable to the Purchaser at OEM parts and the Company's labourrate applicable at that time for the remainder of the agreement.

9. On each maintenance visit, the Company shall carry out the maintenance appropriate to each item of equipment covered by the agreement as set out in the Service Agreement, during normal working hours 8.30am – 5.00pm Monday – Friday, excluding Bank Holidays. If equipment is listed as “inspections” no parts are included and will therefore be charged as extras for all variations of Service Level Agreements.

10. The company shall comply with the Purchasers Rules for Contractors when working at the Purchaser's site whilst following the Company's own Health and Safety at Work Policy.

11. The CorePremium Service Agreement will be subject to a pre-agreement FOC equipment inspection either prior to or during our initial service visit. Any remedial works identified may be required to be completed prior to commencement or continuation of the agreement at the Purchasers cost.

12. Except were expressly agreed in writing or where monthly checks are part of the Service Agreement, we will not carry out nor be responsible for: interim oil checks, top ups, or cleaning of cabinet filters. Any visits required to rectify these faults will be chargeable. Training can be arranged if required.

13. It is the Purchasers responsibility to advise the Company should the equipment, site conditions or running hours change from those agreed at the commencement of this Agreement. Additional charges may be made for additional visits required.

14. The company has no responsibility for and shall have no liability for: any loss or damage caused by or contributed directly or indirectly by breaches by the Purchaser of your obligations under the Agreement or by failure to operate the equipment in accordance with our or the manufacturer's recommendations and guidance in accordance to any relevant legislation. This includes but is not exclusive to any loss of profits, production or business.

15. The Company's prices are calculated and structured on the basis of the Agreement full term. In the event of early termination, including details in clause 6, the Company reserves the right to collect any outstanding amortised monies of the contract through to the next anniversary date of the agreement.