SIP 01979 Chainsaw Log Horse

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Drawing Ref Description Part No








1-9, 12, 14, 16,

M8x30 Bolt

M8x35 Bolt 

M8x45 Bolt

M8x70 Bolt

M10x20 Bolt

M8x12 Cap Head Bolt

M8 Nut

M12x30 Eye Bolt

M10x20 Eye Bolt

R Clip


Measuring Rod Knob








10 Guard 
11 Pivot Clamp  WD03-00172 
13 Pivot Clamp Support   WD03-00173 
15 Measuring Rod  WD03-00174 
17 Measuring Rod Support  WD03-00175 
18 Left Support Leg WD03-00176 
19 Foot 
20 Leg Support  WD03-00178 
21 Front Table  WD03-00179 
22 Rear Table  WD03-00180 
23 Right Support Leg  WD03-00181 
24 Main Leg  WD03-00182 

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