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Space Heaters, Portable Heaters and Mobile Heaters

SIP offer a quality selection of mobile space heaters designed to be used as portable heaters for any industrial workspace.

SIP UK Heaters

We understand how important it is to keep your environment at a comfortable temperature; That's why SIP space heaters have precise and adjustable settings ensuring our space heaters transform both domestic and commercial surroundings into the ideal conditions.

Space Heaters

SIP space heaters are engineered to the most exacting standards; they are durable and robust ensuring high performance and durability. Our SIP stainless (rust free) space heater construction is available in different sizes and are suitable for both domestic and commercial heating applications.

Heat Garages & Workshops

SIP space heaters are designed for Home, Garages, Workshops and Worksites. Our SIP propane heaters and paraffin and diesel heaters are ideal for use in warehouses, workshops, and on building applications, while our SIP low voltage heaters are great for worksite operation. These SIP space heaters can be fuelled either by paraffin or diesel, and are fitted with a range of safety features, such as automatic fuel shut-off.

Electric Space Heaters

SIP infra-red space heaters heat air not objects. That's why our SIP industrial infra-red radiant heaters are ideal for places or items that require high temperatures in the shortest possible time. SIP heaters can also be used for heating open-air working spaces, defrosting machinery and pipelines, or for drying materials.

SIP Space Heater Spares

SIP UK a division of not only offer the best space heater equipment on the market, but our range of heater spare parts make us the first place many professionals turn to when replacing or repairing their space heating equipment.

SIP Fans

SIP internal fans are run from a 230v domestic power supply, manufactured to be lightweight to enable the user to move the machine around to where the application is needed. They keep air circulating to help provide a fresher working environment - not to mention keeping you cool in those hot summer days!

SIP external fans are perfect for ventilating commercial and industrial buildings, they can be fixed to walls or panels to ensure the user can get the most out of their axial plate fan. Available in many different sizes to suit all needs.